Benefits & Fundraisers
Let's Make Your School or
Organization some Money $$!


Fundraisers are great auctions, because everybody has a common goal - to make money for a good cause.

We have a good time, we make sure your audience has a good time, and as a result you have a successful auction that ends up getting more and more successful every year.

Most of our fundraiser auctions, we do again and again every year.  Why?

Because the elementary schools, Rotary, Kiwanis, private clubs, equestrian clubs, hunting clubs, high schools, Christian schools, and sports clubs, that have used Auction Oregon - have fun, and make more money year after year.


Costs are flexible, depending on the amount of work requested.

 If your group is holding their first auction, you may need multiple meetings with the auctioneer to discuss the catalog, promotion, sources of donations, site layout, staffing, raffles, silent auction, cashiering etc.

On the other hand, if your organization is experienced with putting together an auction and need limited assistance, then costs are reduced.

What is your next step?

1. Go to your next committee meeting armed with information!

Contact us with some of the details of your auction so we can give you a cost estimate, some things to discuss at your meeting and a fundraiser checklist to get the ball rolling.

 After your meeting, get back in touch, ask any questions that came up,

2. Confirm your date and you have an auction!

3. We then meet with you or your committee and review catalog, items, timeline, sound system, clerking systems, etc, whatever you need. We are there for you!

Auction Oregon!
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